Advocate Volkov renders a wide range of legal services for natural person as well as for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

A complex of management services is  proposed for natural person in defense in a criminal case, an assistance in civil and administrative cases, a representation in the European Court of Human Rights.

A lot of services are provided for legal entities in business protection, due diligence, optimization of company and examination of documents. The company’s interests might be represented in all authorities and organizations as well as in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction regardless of its form of ownership.

In addition, there are programs of subscription service such as  “personal lawyer”, ” Family Lawyer “and “Corporate Counsel “for principals’  with  issuance of the plastic cards.

Advocate Volkov provides services throughout the Russian Federation as well as abroad.

Advocate Volkov’s International Internet reception allows you to quickly contact a lawyer and to get his extra professional help regardless of the time of day and distance from a lawyer.

Advocate Volkov provides you confidentiality guarantees of your access and email correspondence with him (including electronic documents), including the location of the website, as well as the lawyer’s e-mail website in the State of Israel.